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  • Eric Smith

Growing importance of Kitchen display in store

If you running a busy store, there are good chance the order is taken by cashier then order receipt is being passed to kitchen to cook it. Now Chef need to do few things

- Make sure the food is cooked in timely manner. With online advance order- order can come anytime

- Make sure re-arrange the receipt based on time it need to be cooked

- Update the cashier of status - customer can ask status any time

With above happening on Make table, at cut table - somebody waiting for the food to be packed or put on tray. Need to make sure all the food which is on order- goes in one pack.

What can we do?

Provide smart kitchen system with kitchen display at make and cut table. Once order is placed by cashier or online system, it sort out the order which need to be cooked now and show to chef.


Choose a solution which provide integrated order taker(for cashier) as well as Kitchen display system(KDS). KDS should provide smart kitchen solutions as well.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Provide smart kitchen solution which is integrated with other component

  2. Smart notification based on AI- when to cook particular order

  3. Adjust the dockets so food is delivered in time yet its fresh and hot

  4. Paper less solution with analytics so monitor how to improve store operation

  5. Integration with Online Orders as digital orders are big % of the total order

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