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Transform your Restaurant with an
All-in-One Custom-built Solution!

Boost staff productivity and customer satisfaction. Seamlessly connect POS, Analytics, KDS, Online ordering, and Dispatch.

Want to know more?



Efficient. Reliable. Easy-to-use.Bee Modules offer complete solution for Restaurant Management.


A robust Point of Sale (POS) software that will completely transform the way you manage orders and payments.


A sophisticated Kitchen Display System can dramatically improve serving times!

Bee Dispatch

Keep up with the trends in online food ordering with Bee Dispatch

Bee Reporting

With the Reporting module from Bee, get pre-built reports and analytics data instantly, on the go!



Bee is a one-stop solution for all restaurant pain points. How many pain points do you have?


Manual process making you go crazy?

There is so much that can go wrong when you have a manual process at a busy restaurant! Missed orders, mixed orders, late dispatches… you get the drift. If this is happening to you, let us get you started on a cloud-based system that will completely transform the way your restaurant works!

Say yes to a streamlined system and run your operations better.

Trouble at the cash register?

If you have a medium to large restaurant business, manual cash registers are plain inefficient. They also run the risk of pilferages and incorrect billing. With an easy-to-use POS system, ordering and invoicing becomes so much easier and faster! Reduce ordering and billing times significantly!

Empower your staff to efficiently manage the front house and improve customer experience.


Unhelpful software needs an upgrade?

There are plenty of software solutions available in the market for restaurant management. But let’s face it. Not all of them are productive. If you are looking to replace your bug-ridden, unhelpful software, we can provide you with a robust solution that is custom-built for you.

See guaranteed improvement in restaurant management with our cloud-based solution.

Managing multiple stores becoming a task?

We understand the importance of centralizing the control of multiple outlets. And we know how critical it is to keep all your data at one place. We provide a dashboard so you can view, control, and manage operations easily and quickly. We offer multi-outlet as well as multi-brand solutions tailored for Enterprise Customers.

Simplify day-to-day management and get quick reports on operations.


Kitchen staff having a tough time handling multiple dishes?

The KDS from Bee makes sure the kitchen staff never misses an order. Display unit just above the oven in the kitchen shows the incoming orders and also the recipes. Your customers get what they ordered, just the way they want every single time, no matter which store they visit.

Does your staff struggle with handling in-house and online orders?

With a consolidated view of the status of all orders, in-house and online, the whole system from ordering to serving/dispatch is aligned without any gaps. Track the delivery for dispatch orders till the time the food reaches the customers.

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